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Angled Birdcage Veil - Style

Angled birdcage veils can be a great way to get a unique sense of style, and they really draw attention to your face.    An angled birdcage veil is a great option when you want to be a little sexy: peering out from under a cage veil can be very attractive.  Be sure to play up your eye makeup, since all eyes will be drawn to your eyes: a smoky eye shadow, or liquid eye liner on the top lid can be good choices.  Play up the glamorous effect!

Isadora Angle Veil:

Angled Birdcage Veil by Ellen Marie

An angled birdcage veil can be worn as a wedding veil, bridesmaids veil, or just as a decorative headpiece for a night out on the town or special occasion!  Pair your angled birdcage veil with a hair flower clip or feather fascinator hair piece for a bolder and more intense look.  Birdcage veils are fun to wear and go with so many different styles of dresses and gowns. The resulting look is truly elegant and stunning.

woman wearing angle birdcage veilPhoto - Angled birdcage veil attached to fascinator

Can I wear an angled birdcage veil?

Of course!  Angled birdcage veils look just fabulous with vintage wedding gowns, retro looks, and of course informal wedding gowns.  They are the perfect birdcage veil selection when you don't want a big overpowering veil.  While vintage inspired, they offer perfectly modern style.

The right angled birdcage veil for you

You can have your veil made in just about any shape and size you like, and they can be made from different netting materials, including tulle.  Most angled birdcage veils feature a classic diamond-shaped netting (Russian or French net), usually employing accents such as chenille dots or crystal accents.  Veiling is available in all colors though common colors are classic white, ivory, and black. Custom cage veil makers will normally offer color choices and will customize to meet your specific needs.  The angle veil can be just a triangle made from a swatch of veiling, or it can be a small birdcage veil gathered into a cap shape to go around your head, or even a larger angle veil can be made to cover your head but still be worn offset on one side.

We will customize your angled birdcage veil to fit, depending on which side you want to wear it on.  We can make small birdcage veils, or larger face framing ones and can shape them to fit.  Just contact us and we will get to work on handcrafting your perfect veil.

Below - Super Short, Above the Eyes Angled Birdcage Veil (available in two lengths):

Angle Veil - Above the Eyes Forehead Veil Flapper Veil

This angled veil is available in two lengths and may be made to fit over either the left side or right side, just above or covering one eye.

How to Wear an Angled Birdcage Veil

angle birdcage veil with fascinator

You may wear your angled birdcage veil on either side of the face.  The level of "angle" is up to you because there are no hard and fast rules for wearing birdcage veils.  Tilt it just a little, or a lot, depending on what looks best to you.  If you are having your veil made, decide which side you want the veil on, then you can ask your designer to design a fascinator (like the one above featuring orchids and feathers from to be situated in a certain direction.

Below, Tulle Angle Birdcage Veil with Bridal Hair Flower and Brooch

Tulle Angled Birdcage Veil Set with Flower

Tulle Angled Birdcage Veil Set with Hair Flower Brooch

Here we are showing a unique short veil styled as a birdcage veil in soft bridal illusion, or tulle. You can wear this lovely wedge shaped veil over either eye as an angled birdcage veil.  It is modeled with one of our handcrafted bridal hair flowers.  This headpiece has been accented with ostrich feathers, and a pearl and crystal bridal brooch. Contact us if you would like a similar design handcrafted just for you.

Below - Angle Headband Veil  with Flowers and Feathers

Bridal Headband Angled Veil Feather Flower Headpiece

This popular style is a bridal veil headband with an angled veil.  The veil and fascinators can be made so it is over either the left eye or the right eye.  The veil can be attached to the headband or ordered as a detach veil style.  You may flip the headpiece around in reverse, and wear the netting on the back side of your head during your reception.  The headband veil style works great with short hair:  just slide the headband on with no fear of it not holding in your short hair.

Below, Detachable Angle Veil with Silk Hair Flower and Bridal Brooch

Bridal Hair Flower with Brooch and Angled Birdcage Veil

Above we are showing a detach angled veil style with a completely handcrafted hair flower made from handcut silk petals.  This lovely bridal headpiece also features a sparkling bridal brooch and accent feathers.  

The angled veil with crystals also provides some sparkle and draws attention from the tiny Swarovski crystals that are individually applied one at a time to the net veiling.  We can handcraft your bridal headpiece to match your exact design specifications, with any accent from vintage brooches, to pearl bead clusters.

Angled Birdcage Veils are great for brides but they make a good option for your bridemaids. These short birdcage veils are also the perfect accessory for any special occasions like parties, vow renewal ceremonies, or any time you want to wear a nice accessory in your hair.  Below is one of our most popular angled veil sets, featuring a small angle veil with a feather hair clip.  

Below - Black Angled Birdcage Veil with Feather Flower Hair Clip

Black Angled Birdcage Veil Set with Flower

Angled Birdcage Veil Hairstyles

Angled birdcage veil hairstyles will need to be considered.  The veil will be attached on one side of your head with a comb or clip so you don't want your hair to interfere with the veiling material. 

Some of the best birdcage veil hairstyles for an angled veil include:

Low Bun on Back or One Side of Head
French Twist - Also, a Twist or Gibson Roll on One Side
Loose Hair
Low Ponytail with Wrap
Side Parted Hair with Veil Angled over One Side

Really the only thing to consider is that you don't want a bunch of hair right where the veil will attach: lots of poufy bangs right under the netting might not be the look you are going for. Sleeker styles, at least up top, may work best.

Browse some wedding blogs for some ideas on birdcage veil hairstyles.  Also do a search for "vintage wedding" on google and you are sure to come up with some inspiration from brides wearing these fun veils.  Here are some good blogs:

Bride Chic

Rock n Roll Bride

If you plan to wear your hair in a bridal up-do, just make sure our hair doesn't interfere with placement of your veil.  If the bun, braid, or other design is too high and tight, it might not work with your cage veil.  Your hair stylist can work with you to find the correct placement of the veil and the best hair style to work with your look.

Our angled birdcage veils can be made with mini snap combs for super short hair, plastic or wire metal combs for normal or thick hair, or attached to a headband for easy-to-wear comfort regardless of your hair type.

Angled birdcage veils are fabulous, flirty, and fun to wear.  Enjoy this return of a vintage classic, and enjoy feeling thoroughly modern and stylish.  


We can attach your angle bird cage veil to a hair clip, comb, headband, or fascinator.  Even a bridal hat with veil can be designed to match your wedding style and vision.  We specialize in affordable couture designs, so just contact us with your request!

Wedding birdcage veil headband - Photo by

Angle birdcage veil attached to bridal headband.  This style comes with a detachable veil so you can remove it for your wedding reception.

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Ellen Marie handcrafts any style of birdcage veil you can possibly want, including the angled birdcage veil in any size or shape, and even custom colors.

Visit the Ellen Marie Shop, and feel free to contact Ellen Marie directly with your ideas and she will help you bring your wedding vision to life.  

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Matching hair flower clips and feather fascinators are available in any style.

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Classic Vintage Birdcage Veil

Looking for a full head version of a vintage birdcage veil with a fascinator flower?  Our lovely birdcage veil is just perfect.

Click here to buy a cage blusher veil with feather fascinator.   We can customize the accent to use pearls, crystals, beads, or whatever you like.  The feathers come in white, ivory, black, champagne, or contact us for custom colors.  The net veil is also available in colors.



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