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Birdcage Veil Accessories - Flowers & Feathers

Birdcage veil accessories give you a unique opportunity to create your own one-of-a-kind bridal style.  Whether you choose a fascinator, hair flower, feather hair clip, or bridal hat, you are sure to find a design choice that works with your gown and your own unique sense of style.

There are several different styles of birdcage veil accessories available.  A fascinator is a hair clip or comb that attaches wherever you like on your head to create a focal point.  Typically it is worn on one side although you may get two of them so you can place one on each side or the back of the head for interest.  You can choose a feather fascinator, or one made with a silk or vintage flower, or high fashion choices adorned with vintage brooches, laces, and other components.  The sky is the limit when choosing your hair accessories - it's your wedding, so have fun and get what you like.  We also make bridal hair pins fashioned from beads, crystals, pearls, and handmade porcelain clay flowers.  You can tuck the hair pins into the back of your low bun or chignon, and wear a fascinator on one side like this photo example:

three hair flowers pins by Ellen Marie

Above, hair flower pins, handcrafted of porcelain and accented with pearls. Worn with a bridal fascinator and birdcage veil.


Birdcage veils have really become popular again, and choosing a cage veil over a more traditional veil is simply a matter of personal style and choice.  But, you can wear your birdcage veil accessories at your reception, so some brides prefer them because you can look great all day or night long!  

Choosing Birdcage Veil Accessories

Think about what defines your personal style.  Are you petite, shy, feminine, or bold, sassy, and confident (or some combination)?  Also, consider the color of your wedding gown, as your bridal birdcage veil accessories can be made to match or complement and pick up design elements throughout your wedding.  You can even do seashells for a beach themed wedding, or peacock feathers for your blue/green color theme.

Ask us if matching smaller accessories, like bridesmaid hair clips, can be made to match. Birdcage veil accessories range in all sizes, and all price ranges.  We can accessorize your veil and attach it using combs, clips, a bridal headband, or bridal hat with veil attached.

Birdcage Veil Accessories with fascinator


Select the Right Birdcage Veil Accessories

You will also need to select birdcage veil accessories to go with your particular veil style.  You can have your birdcage veil made in just about any shape and size you like, and they can be made from different netting materials, including tulle.  Most birdcage veil accessoriess feature a classic diamond-shaped netting (Russian or French net), usually employing accents such as chenille dots or crystal accents.  Veiling is available in all colors though common colors are classic white, ivory, and black. Custom cage veil makers will normally offer color choices and will customize to meet your specific needs.  

An angle veil can be just a triangle made from a swatch of veiling, or it can be a small birdcage veil gathered into a cap shape to go around your head, or even a larger angle veil can be made to cover your head but still be worn offset on one side.  The bandeau veil stretches from side to side and fits a little closer to the head.  And, full head birdcage veils are also made for a high fashion look.  You can even pair a birdcage veil with a traditional long tulle veil in the back, such as the style made popular in the movie Rise of the Silver Surfer.  Consider which type of birdcage veil you will want, then select accessories that will work with it well.

Here are some design elements you might consider in your accessories:

  • Pearls
  • Crystals
  • Flowers
  • Lace
  • Feathers
  • Scale: small or large, flat or 3-dimensional
  • Color: match your wedding colors or gowns
  • One-of-a-kind or vintage elements such as an antique brooch or button
  • Birdcage Veil Hat

Contact us and we would love to help design the perfect birdcage veil accessories to complete your look.  We specialize in affordable couture bridal design.

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