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Looking for a birdcage veil for sale?  You've come to the right place.  We sell lovely designer birdcage veils at discount prices.  We can even custom design your veil and bridal headpieces so you get the exact look you want. 

Vintage birdcage veils are also commonly known as a bird cage veil, cage veil, cage blusher, or pouf veil.  Cage veils work with vintage or modern styles and come in all lengths and colors.  They can even be accented with pearls or crystals.

A net veil can be worn as a wedding veil, bridesmaids veil, or just as a decorative headpiece for everyday glamour!  Pair your birdcage veil with a hair flower clip or feather fascinator hair piece for even more style and impact.  Cage veils are a ton of fun to wear, and go with so many different styles of dresses and gowns.

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Birdcage Veil for Sale -  Styles and Materials

Birdcage veils come in several different styles and lengths.  We can custom fit your veil to give you the exact look you want - just contact us.

Ellen Marie Angle Veil

Isadora Angle Birdcage Veil

Veils may be worn on the front of the face, or cover the entire head.  As far as the length goes, the netting may come down to cover one or both eyes, down to the nose or chin, or even cover the entire face--it is entirely a matter of choice and what looks good to you.  Typical lengths are 9 inch netting (to come partially down the face), or 12 and 18 inch netting for a full face veil.  They may also be worn as part of a headpiece in the form of a flirty net pouf as an eye-catching accent.  

vintage birdcage veilThey are made from several different netting choices, from Russian net (Russian veiling), French net (French veiling, which is softer in texture than Russian), vintage silk veiling, fishnet, tulle, or illusion veiling materials.  Most cage veils feature a classic diamond-shaped netting (Russian or French net), with or without adornments such as chenille dots or crystal accents.  Depending on the style of netting used, the impact can be quite understated and elegant, or very bold.  Veiling is available in all colors, from classic white, ivory, and black, to every color of the rainbow.  The fabric can also be dyed to match just about any dress color, as needed.

We are happy to help you find vintage veiling, or other unique netting, tulle, merry widow netting, or any material to make your perfect veil. Buy a birdcage veil from Ellen Marie with confidence, we have many happy customers.

Birdcage Veil with Feather Flower Fascinator

Nose Length Classic Birdcage Veil

Contact us at EllenMariePDX[at] for custom birdcage veil requests.  We can make the perfect birdcage veil for your wedding, and can even make matching hair accessories for your bridesmaids!

Imagine having a custom set of bridal hair accessories that are perfectly matched to your wedding theme and colors.

Why to Birdcage Veil - Bettie Bandeau Veil from www.EllenMarieDesign.comBuy Birdcage Veils from Ellen Marie Design

Depending on the style desired, the vintage birdcage veil may feature two side combs for attaching the veil to each side of the head, or they may also be attached to a single comb for placement in the center or top of the head, or on just one side.  They may also be attached to a hat or hair ornament such as a feather fascinator or hair flower.  The veil may be worn straight, or at a jaunty angle, allowing just one eye to peek through. We can custom fit your veil if you want to wear it on either side of your head.

Visit our Ellen Marie Website for the latest feather fascinators, one of a kind bridal designs, and birdcage veils.

Undoubtedly, with all this versatility, a bird cage veil can be a welcome departure from a full length traditional wedding veil, with that sassy and fresh attitude that is somehow both vintage and modern all at the same time.  But don't limit yourself to wearing a cage veil only on special occasions.  Colored veils make a great adornment for any special occasion and are loads of fun to wear.  If you're looking for bridesmaids veils that don't detract too much attention away from the bride, a small cage veil or blusher veil is a great choice.  When worn with a hair flower or feather fascinator, you can achieve one of a kind style and set yourself apart from ordinary brides wearing a common veil.  Get your birdcage veil for sale from Ellen Marie and experience great personalized service and get the exact veil of your dreams.

Buy a Birdcage Veil - Is a Cage Veil the Right Choice?

Birdcage veils are a little less formal, than say, a traditional chapel length or cathedral veil for weddings.  They are a fabulous option for the modern woman who is willing to express her individuality and uniqueness.  There is something so dramatic and alluring about a tiny swatch of netting draped over the eye!  You can combine a birdcage veil with a traditional tulle veil in back, or wear a tulle veil for the ceremony and a small cage veil at your reception.

They can be worn with all styles of gown, from short, tea length, and informal gowns, to full length bridal gowns.  And yes--you may choose a colored veil, even for your wedding.  It really is so versatile, that it is up to you!  

And, if you're looking for discount birdcage veils, or cheap wedding veils, this might be a great option over a fancy designer one for sale at the bridal salon.

Plus, for an informal wedding or a less formal wedding gown, the bird cage veil is a perfect match that won't overwhelm a simple gown or elegant understated style.  This is also a perfect choice for bachelorette party veil.

Best of all, this is the perfect style of birdcage veil for sale, whether you have short hair or long hair, and whether you are young or old, tall or short.

 Tulle Birdcage Veil for Sale

Tulle Birdcage Veil for Sale

Birdcage Veil for Sale - Custom Designs

Contact us at EllenMariePDX[at] for custom design requests.  We are happy to make vintage birdcage veils to your specifications.  

Ellen Marie Birdcage Veil for Sale - Veils we Offer:

Vintage Birdcage Veils

Russian Veil

French Veil

Net Veil

Cage Veil

Mantilla Veil

Madonna Veil

Cage Blusher

Face Veil

Visor Veil

Custom Bridal Veil

Monogrammed Veil

Affordable Wedding Veils

Ready to buy birdcage veils?

Click to Visit our Vintage Birdcage Veils Shop for Birdcage Veils for Sale, in addition to Feather Hair Clips, Hair Flowers and More Beautiful Things!

Custom birdcage wedding veils and bridal fascinators are our specialty!  Let us make your cage veil truly unique.

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Classic Vintage Birdcage Veil

Looking for a full head version of a vintage birdcage veil with a fascinator flower?  Our lovely birdcage veil is just perfect.  This birdcage veil for sale is surprisingly stylish and affordable.

Click here to buy a birdcage veil for sale with attached feather fascinator.   

Custom designs are our specialty: email your gown photos and ideas to EllenMariePDX [at]

We can customize the accent to use pearls, crystals, beads, or whatever you like.  The feathers come in white, ivory, black, champagne, or contact us for custom colors.  The net veil is also available in colors.

Buy Birdcage Veils - More Styles

Rise of the Silver Surfer  - Vintage Birdcage Veil with Cathedral Veil Style

Veil Style from Rise of the Silver Surfer

Movies have increased the popularity of these veils.  This vintage birdcage veil style combines a birdcage veil in the front, and a long plain edge cathedral veil in back.  This gives you the best of both worlds for classic and vintage style for your wedding.  You probably recall this veil from the Movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, where Jessica Alba as Sue Storm stunned audiences with this beautiful and dramatic combination wedding veil style.  This is a beautiful set!  You can remove the back veil and wear the birdcage veil as a pouf during your reception.  Contact us for customizations:  we can do your cage veil in any length or color that you need, and with any veil trim or edge (plain, lace, beaded, crystals).

Rise of the Silver Surfer Veil Style - After the Movie Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer

Above, veils and handcrafted designer bridal jewelry by Ellen Marie Design.

Birdcage Veil for Sale - Bettie Birdcage Veil

A lovely elegant style of birdcage that attaches with two combs.  This is our most popular veil design.  This net veil is available in white, ivory, black, or custom colors.

Click here to visit our veil shop and buy the Bettie birdcage veil.

Black Birdcage Veil - Bettie Birdcage Veil - Bandeau Veil

Above, a black birdcage veil in the bandeau style birdcage veil with two combs: one on either side.

Bridal Headband Veils

We love to customize bridal headband veils to match your wedding gown and style.

Garbo Bridal Headband Veil

The Garbo Headband Veil features a sparkling rhinestone appliqué, with silky ostrich feathers and a detachable birdcage veil.  Purchase this bridal headband veil, or contact us for a custom design request.

Looking for more birdcage veils for sale or feather fascinators?  We specialize in quality custom bridal design at affordable prices.  Visit

Contact us at EllenMariePDX[at] for custom design requests.  


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