Black Birdcage Veil - Black Bridal Veil

The black birdcage veil adds instant drama and glamour to your look, whether you are going for a vintage wedding style, or are looking for a black veil to wear for a party, special occasion, or other event. 

Black Birdcage Veil by

Black Bandeau Veil

Ellen Marie Black Birdcage Veils are available in any length, style, and type of attachment: with one or two combs, a snap clip, metal or plastic satin-ribbon covered comb, or your special request. They come in birdcage veil netting (Russian or French net veils), or in regular bridal tulle veiling.  All lengths and styles are available, including custom designs at affordable prices.  Below are several styles of black veils in French net and bridal illusion tulle.  Many other styles are offered at

Black Bridal Veil Styles

black bandeau birdcage veil attaches with two combs: one comb on either side of your head.  They are worn horizontally and the edge of the veiling falls at or below the nose.  A shorter bandeau style of veil can also be made, just long enough to cover the forehead or just below your eyes.  And, some people choose to wear the bandeau birdcage veil over the top of the hair as a headband.

Shown: Black Bandeau Veil

Black Birdcage Veil - Bandeau Birdcage Veil by Ellen Marie

The black bandeau veil is also available in a thinner strip of black netting.  This black mask veil style just covers your eyes.

Shown:  Black Mask Veil (choose mask half Bettie veil to order this style)

Fun Black Bird Cage Veil by Ellen Marie

cap style black birdcage veil attaches with one comb in the top center, and it may be worn either straight or covering one eye at an angle.  The veiling folds up on each side where it is gathered to the comb, or can be made with cut sides for a lower profile which works great with hair flowers and fascinators. This sassy mini veil is one of the most popular styles and is a great choice for a bridesmaid veil, or for parties and informal wedding styles.

Shown in white, but all of our styles are available in black:

Short Black Birdcage Veil

Short Black Cap Style Veil with Gathered Sides

Short Black Cap Style Veil with Cut Edges (Lower Profile)

A classic black birdcage veil is styled like the mini veil with one comb in the top center, but it is available in longer lengths: 12 inches for nose length, 16 inches or longer to go down to your chin, and 18 inches for a full face veil in longer length netting.  In the classic veil style, the veiling material folds up on each side where it is gathered to the comb.  

Browse all Veil Styles Here (veils shown in white are all available in black)

Nose Length Classic Black Veil

Chin Length Classic Black Veil

Full Head Length Classic Black Veil

A mini black birdcage veil is a short birdcage veil that can be ordered in two lengths: a super short forehead length black birdcage veil (6 inches), which is also called a flapper veil, or as an angled black birdcage veil that just covers either the right or left eye.  

A full head black birdcage veil is 18 inches long and covers your full head and face in a dramatic pouf of veiling.

Long Black Bird Cage Veil (shown in white, available in black)

Long Black Birdcage Veil French Net Veil

Any of our black bridal veils can be made with Russian netting (French net) birdcage veil, or sheer black bridal illusion tulle veiling at your request.  We can even make your black bridal veil in two layers: with black net veil and black tulle veiling gathered together on one comb for the best of both worlds.

Black Tulle Birdcage Veils

Short Black Tulle Veil in Birdcage Style - Offered in Several Lengths

Black tulle birdcage veil french net veil

Black Birdcage Veil - Black Bird Cage Veil

Long black bridal veils and short black bridal veils are available too.  We specialize in custom bridal veils and can make the perfect black wedding veil to suit your wedding style.  Just contact us with your special request.

Black Tulle Bandeau Veil

Black Birdcage Veil in Tulle

The bandeau veil attaches with one comb on each side of the head and is fited so it curves around the shape of your head.  This veil is available in both tulle bridal illusion, or black French net birdcage veiling.

Black Tulle Bandeau Veil

Black French Net Bandeau Veil

Black Side Birdcage Veil in Tulle with Feather Flower

Here is a vintage inspired black hat veil made from silk with a little bow on top.  This stunning design is perfect for a vintage wedding or for special occasions.

Black Hat with Birdcage Veil

Black Hat with Veil Birdcage Veil Vintage Hat Cocktail Hat

Here is another black and gray cocktail hat with black birdcage French net veil:

Gray and Black Wedding Hat with Veil

Gray and Black Hat with Veil - Black Hat Veil with Feathers - Gray Wedding Hat

If you have been searching for a unique black veil, here are a couple of black pouf veil options and black hat veils:

Black Pouf Veil Hat

Black Pouf Veil - Black Hat Veil with Pouf

Black Flower Petal Veil (shown in white but available in black)

Black Flower Petal Veil - Black Pouf Veil

Black Birdcage Veil with Pouf Back Accent

Black Birdcage Veil with Pouf Accent

Black Pouf Veil (shown in white, but available in black)
Black Birdcage Veil with Pouf Accent

We also have veil styles that mix both birdcage French netting along with sheer tulle.  There are several styles available.

Birdcage and Tulle Black Veil (shown in white, available in black)
Black birdcage tulle veil

For something truly unique, we also offer this stunning black butterfly wedding veil for something truly unique.   It features four fluttering butterflies on the front, and one larger venice lace butterfly on the back center.

Shown: Black Butterfly Veil 

Black Butterfly Bridal Veil

And for unconventional style, goth wedding veils are also available.  All of our black veils can be customized to suit your unique sense of style.  Custom wedding veils and headpieces are our specialty.  Whether you are looking for a Victorian wedding veil style with headpiece, a big pouf wedding veil, multi-tiered veil, or a long black veil - we can make the perfect unique bridal veil style just for you.

If you're looking for a unique black bridal headpiece, you might enjoy black hair flowers, a black fascinator headpiece, or a stunning black bridal veil headband.

Shown: Black Birdcage Veil Headband Style
Black Headband Veil - Black Birdcage Veil Headband

Fill out the Custom Black Bridal Veil Contact Form with your special requests, or to request a quote on your custom design!

You may have a couture bridal veil set made as well; just send your wedding gown photos and ideas to ellenmariepdx (at)  

Black Fascinator with Veil

Want a black fascinator to go with your veil?  No problem, Ellen Marie specializes in making custom headpieces to go with your unique sense of style.  Black fascinators are available ready-to-ship, or by custom order.   Fascinators are hair clips that are created with feathers, silk flowers, and other design elements such as beads, crystals, or brooches, to create a truly unique style.

Shown: Black Veil with Feather Fascinator

Black Fascinator and Veil Set

Shown: Black Veil with Feather Hair Clip Set

Black Hair Flower - Black Feather Hair Clip

Contact Ellen Marie with your requests. Send photos of your gown or other inspiration, and she will design something just for you!
Black Bridal Veils - Black Bird Cage Veils by Ellen Marie

When to Choose a Black Bird Cage Veil?

A black cage veil is a great choice for black wedding themes, or for your bridal party and bridesmaids veils.  They also make a great choice for formal occasions such as race day, funeral headwear, or for formal occasions like Prom, Halloween parties, and other fun events!

Shown:  Black and White Hair Clip with Netting

Black and White Hair Clip

A black bridal veil might be the right choice for the bride who really doesn't want to wear white, or for the confident bride who wants to stand out from the crowd with a sophisticated style. 

Black Birdcage Veil by Ellen Marie - Photo by

Select the Right Black Birdcage Veil for You

For informal events, the mini cap style black birdcage veil, or the bandeau black veil are great options.  If you are looking for a black bridal veil to wear with your wedding gown, the classic birdcage veil in 12 inches, 16 inches (chin length), or 18 inch full head style would be good options.  The Bettie Bandeau black veil can also be offered in a shorter 4.5 inch "mask" style that just covers the eyes.  If you aren't sure what you need, just ask.



Let us custom design your bandeau bird cage veil, just contact us and we will help you select the right size, color, and style of veil, with or without hair flowers and fascinators or feathers.  We can add special embellishments to match your unique sense of wedding style.

CLICK TO SHOP - ELLEN MARIE - Vintage inspired birdcage veils and accessories. 

Please CONTACT US if you have any questions or need help locating one of the pieces on this website.  We are happy to help and respond to all inquires within 24 hours.  

Fun Black Bird Cage Veil by Ellen Marie

Visit our online black birdcage veil shop when you are ready to select your perfect black veil.


Bettie Birdcage Veil

A lovely elegant style of birdcage that attaches with two combs.  This bandeau veil is one of our most popular veil designs.  This net veil is available in white, ivory, black, or custom colors.

Click here to visit our veil shop and buy the Bettie birdcage veil.


Ellen Marie handcrafts any style of birdcage veil you can possibly want, including the black birdcage veil or black tulle veil in any size or shape.

Visit the Ellen Marie Shop, and feel free to contact Ellen Marie directly with your ideas and she will help you bring your wedding vision to life.  

Matching hair flower clips and feather fascinators

Vintage inspired, modern couture at affordable prices.


Fun Mini Black Birdcage Veil by Ellen Marie - Photo by


 Fun Black Birdcage Veil

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