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Bridal hair clips are popular hair accessories that allow a lot of creative expression because they come in so many different styles, from vintage hair clips to modern designs.  Your bridal headpiece design can be customized to match your wedding gown, wedding theme, such as a beach wedding hair clip, and even wedding colors such as blush pink bridal or champagne bridal colors.  It is really up to you!  There are so many amazing wedding hair pieces to choose from.  Creating a couture bridal hair clip can be a fun and exciting process, too!  You will get the exact design that you envisioned!

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Bridal Hair Clips -  Styles and Materials

Bridal Hair Clips come in many different styles and size options, giving you a lot of flexibility in matching your wedding gown style:

  • Hair Clips with Flowers
  • Hair Clips with Feathers
  • Bridal Hats
  • Bridal Fascinators
  • Vintage Hair Clips
  • Modern Hair Clips
  • Brooch Hair Clips
  • White Hair Clips
  • Ivory Hair Clips
  • Champagne Hair Clips
  • Blush Pink Hair Clips
  • Black Hair Clips
  • Custom Colors
  • Hair Clips with Veil Sets

We can custom fit your headpiece and bridal veil to give you the exact look you want - just contact us via email at EllenMariePDX [at] with your questions and special requests.

Bridal Hair Clips with Dahlia Flower

Adelina Dahlia Hair Flower Clip with Tulle Bandeau Veil

Wedding Hair Clips with Feathers

Julia Bridal Hat with Veil, Flower, and Feathers

Ellen Marie Angle Veil

Lillian Peony Hair Clip

Of course your hair clip can be paired with a detach birdcage veil or traditional tulle bridal veil.  Often, brides wearing a traditional wedding veil with choose a hair clip so they have something to wear in their hair at their wedding reception following the ceremony.

All veils and hair clips are handcrafted using quality materials in our Portland Oregon design studio. We ship our veils and headpieces worldwide and have been delighting brides with our unique and affordable bridal creations.

Birdcage Veil with Feather Flower Fascinator

Ashleigh Feather Hair Clip

Whatever you can imagine for your wedding headpiece, we can probably create it for you.  Your wedding hair clip can be created from:

  • Silk Hair Flowers
  • Silk, Chiffon, Organza, and Satin Fabric 
  • Lace
  • Veiling
  • Vintage or Antique Components
  • Feathers
  • Bridal Brooches
  • Pearls
  • Crystals
  • and other options - if you have an idea or inspiration, just let us know!

We have been delighting brides around the world with our unique bridal hair accessories.

 Tulle Bridal Hair Clips

Dulcina Rose Hair Flower Clip with Tulle Birdcage Veil

Custom Bridal Hair Clips - Custom Wedding Designs

Contact us at EllenMariePDX[at] for custom bridal design requests.  We are happy to make vintage bird cage veils to your specifications.  

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Many unique designs are available in our on-line shop or immediate purchase, or contact us for a couture bridal hair clip if you prefer a bespoke one-of-a-kind bridal design.

Custom bridal hair clip and veil designs are our specialty: email your gown photos and ideas to EllenMariePDX [at]

We can customize your set to use pearls, crystals, beads, bridal brooches and other accents.  All colors of bridal hair clips and veils are available, in any style.

Birdcage Veil with Feather Hair Clip Fascinator

A lovely elegant style of birdcage that attaches with two combs.  This is one of our most popular veil designs.  Shown paired with a black feather hair clip fascinator.

Click here to visit our veil shop and buy the Bettie birdcage veil with feather hair clip.

Bridal hair clip with feathers 

Above, a black birdcage veil in the bandeau style birdcage veil with two combs: one on either side.

Bridal Headband Veils

We love to customize bridal clips and veils to match your wedding gown and style.


Contact us at EllenMariePDX[at] for custom design requests.  


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