Wedding Veil with Headband  - Bridal Headband Veil

A wedding veil with headband, or a bridal headband veil, is a very comfortable and easy to wear veil design that comes in many different options.  Your wedding veil with a headband may take the form of a traditional bridal veil with a tiara that fits over the top of your head like a headband, or it may be a headband with flowers or feathers and an attached or detachable veil. Another  popular bridal headband veil is the birdcage veil headband, which has a veil in the front in any length, worn straight or angled over one eye.  The bird cage headband veils are available in any length so the netting can be just covering your forehead, or down past your eyes.

Headband veils can be made with one or more layers of veiling.  If you want a traditional tulle veil, a two layer veil would allow you to have a blusher veil flipped forward over your face during the ceremony, then flipped back after the ceremony is over.  The veils can be attached to the headband with a velcro strip if you want to remove them for the reception.  Or, bird cage veils will often be flipped around and worn in reverse with the netting over the back of your hair or in a pouf, once the ceremony is over.

Wedding Veil with Headband Birdcage Veil

Headband veils will work with most hair styles, as long as you didn't plan a style with a lot of hair piled on the top, obviously.  Loose hair, or a low bun, twist or roll, or a pile of curls at the back of the head will work nicely.  Head band veils are the perfect accessory for brides with really short hair, since nothing needs to be attached to your hair: just slide on your wedding headband and you're ready to go!

Pretty much any style of wedding veil with headband can be created: from traditional and classically elegant bridal styles, to vintage headband veils with netting. Vintage bridal brooches and other components can be incorporated into your veil for a one of a kind look.  If you have seen a hair flower or fascinator that you liked but want it coverted into a headband, just ask!  Most designs will work with a headband veil with a slight modification.

Ivory Orchid Headband Veil

Ivory Orchid Headband Veil with Birdcage Veiling

More modern brides might enjoy a headband veil that feautures a big dramatic pouf of veiling off to one side or on the back for a really unique bridal style. Flowers, crystals, pearls, lace appliques, brooches and other accents can be used on your veil to make it stand out from the ones you see in every single bridal shop.

Headband Veil with Pouf

Headband Lace Circlet with Pouf Veil

Ellen Marie Design is a fashion designer working in Portland, Oregon, who specializes in creating unique handcrafted wedding headpieces and accessories.  Ellen can create any style of bridal headband veil that you have envisioned for your wedding.  

Ellen Marie prides herself on running a business with old fashioned business values: exceptional, pesonalized customer service that is really rare and hard to find these days!  You may be surprised to learn that you can get exactly what you want in high quality couture bridal hair accessories or headband veils, and spend no more than you would on a mass-produced product bought in the store.

You can Buy Wedding Hair Accessories and Veils from our Shop

Hair Accessories Flowers - Tiara with Veil

Blue Topaz Vintage Bridal Headband Tiara with Veil

All veils and flower hair accessories are handcrafted using quality materials in our Portland, Oregon design studio. We ship our headband veils and hair accessories worldwide and have been delighting brides with our unique bridal creations.

Tiara with Headband Veil
Chalcedony Gemstone and Pearl Tiara Headband with Veil

Custom Wedding Veil with Headband - Custom Headband Veil

Contact us at EllenMariePDX [at] for custom headband veils and email your gown photos, inspiration ideas, colors, or your special requests.  We are happy to make bespoke bridal headband veils and hair accessories and all styles of veils to your specifications.  

Tiara Headband

Bird and Swarovski Crystal  Headband 

Buy Wedding Veil Headband

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Many unique headband veils, bridal headpieces and other  accessories are available in our on-line shop for immediate purchase.

Contact us for a couture bridal hair acccessory if you prefer a bespoke, one-of-a-kind wedding veil with headband design.

Custom wedding veil with headband designs, bridal headband veils, fascinators, hair flower clips, and veil designs are our specialty: email your gown photos and ideas to EllenMariePDX [at] for a quote.

We can customize your hair flower set to use pearls, crystals, beads, bridal brooches and other accents.  

All colors of Hair Accessories Flowers and veils are available, in any style.


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